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NCR Retail

NCR Vitalcast Digital Signage

Motivate desired customer behavior with real-time offers and information

NCR Vitalcast Digital Signage enables you to connect with customers by offering information and offers that are targeted to their needs at that moment. Organizations in a wide array of industries use our state-of-the-art,high resolution digital signboards for such applications as advertising and promotions, employee communications, digital menu boards, ticketing and box office advertising, and visitor information and directions.

Are you leveraging the tremendous utility of Digital Signage to help your ustomers and employees present your products and services conveniently and effectively in your stores?  Contact us to make sure this is done cost-effectively.

Contact your CCS Sales Consultant for more information.


Contact CCS Retail Sales

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Passport Business

PBS SQL and CPSQL Integration

Customers using both PBS™ SQL and CPSQL® will now enjoy an enhanced integration level. PBS prior versions were integrated to CPSQL on an import/export basis, but starting with the release of PBS V12.02, the following is available:

  • General Ledger valid account synchronization with CP SQL. In CounterPoint SQL when a GL account is added, a Valid GL account will automatically be created in the PBS Valid GL Account File and will show up as "*NEW*" in PBS to alert accounting personnel that a full GL Account File entry is needed. The Valid GL Account File is used to validate transactions in sub-ledgers and will provide the perfect vehicle to communicate the need for a new account by the Purchasing Department to the Accounting Department. This will facilitate the Create Distributions function in CP SQL when sending distributions to PBS General Ledger, as the account will be recognized and not create an error message for the Accounting Department to handle. They will have known of the new account and prepared the way they choose to handle it, speeding the process of posting distributions.

  • Vendor account synchronization with CP SQL. When vouchering inventory receipts in CP SQL, the PBS Vendor File will be checked to make sure that there is a vendor on file and if there is not, a vendor will be added with the basic information from the CP SQL vendor record and the "*NEW*" designation so that the Accounts Payable Department may fully set up additional vendor information needed. This will reduce the redundant entry of Vendor information and improve the flow of payables transactions.

  • Bank deposits created for CP AR and POS update directly into the PBS SQL Check Reconciliation checkbook. In CP SQL Accounts Receivable, the cash receipts for the day will create a deposit total for entry into Check Reconciliation, the PBS checking account management solution that helps track bank account activity and balances. CP SQL POS also creates deposit information for the drawer summary totals by pay type which, along with the AR cash receipts may then be combined to create the deposits to the correct checking accounts. So if credit card transactions go to one account and cash and check go to another account, the deposits may be constructed from the appropriate amounts. This feature greatly simplifies the preparation and tracking of deposits and ties back directly to the CP SQL history files and audit reporting.

In addition to the above integration, PBS SQL tables may now be directly accessed through CP SQL views to allow drilling down into vendor history to show payments of vendor invoices, or drilling down into GL transactions to view GL activity by account.  

Contact your CCS Sales Consultant for more information.


Contact CCS Retail Sales

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RMSA Merchandise Planning

CCS Now Offers RMSA Web-based Merchandise Planning 

Retail Industry Studies show that Merchandise Planning is often the secret to Dramatic Sales Increases and Improved Profitability. Now this key tool is available to all sizes of retailers at affordable monthly rates. 

  • RMSA's Merchandise Planning solution working with CounterPoint POS helps retailers Run their Business more effectively by providing a thorough analysis of retail operations and generating recommendations for planning, buying, inventory strategies, markdowns, and open-to-buy

  • RMSA's Merchandise Planning solution allows small and medium size retailers to compete more effectively with the larger chains without having to hire a staff of merchandisers

  • RMSA's web-based Retail Intelligence software uses proprietary algorithms and related databases to generate forecasts for sales, inventories, markdowns and receipts

  • RMSA's dedicated Merchandising Team focuses on retail optimization, data and analytics, demand forecasting, and planning; allowing the retailer to focus on retail operations

Contact your CCS Sales Consultant for more information.


Contact CCS Retail Sales

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New CPMobile 1.3 Enhancements Released!

CPMobile - New Features including Inventory Management.  CPMobile 1.3 is targeted to be released to the iTunes App Store the week of December 19, 2011 and will include inventory management capabilities, including the ability to perform Physical Counts.

There will NOT be an incremental cost for Inventory Management as it will be included as part of the base subscription fee with Mobile POS.

Additional features added to CPM 1.3 include the ability to view additional customer details including recent purchases and loyalty status, view additional item description details, loyalty card scanning to identify a customer, and the ability to configure the barcode scanner to drop the leading and/or trailing UPC check digit if necessary.

Support for the iPAD has been added to the existing iPOD support.


Contact CCS Retail Sales

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Business Systems

Excitement is Building for PBS SQL:  New Enhancements! 

Immediately following our most recent PBS™ SQL Overview Webinar, PSI received this comment via email from an attending PBS customer: "I just attended the SQL webinar. My question is how much would it cost us to upgrade to the SQL version, plus how much more for the PUP program?"

As you can see, the excitement is building as users are realizing the power of SQL! With the new COBOL/SQL file structure, the data, now stored in tables, not files, becomes completely open to users. This opens a huge number of avenues for reporting and further integration with 3rd party tools and products.

Plus, with version 12.01 you now have two choices! You can install PBS V12.01 or optionally PBS SQL V12.01.

An Updated Field Definition Guide shows the column names for all of the tables with improved the names to make these easily recognizable.

Although available for Microsoft SQL Server 2005, PSI recommends you install PBS SQL on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2, including the downloadable free Express version, which provides up to 10 GB of database and 1 GB of RAM.

EZ Convert™ functionality remains the same to assist in upgrading from prior versions of RealWorld™ Classic software.

PBS SQL v.12.01 and PBS v.12.01 (available for windows , Unix and Linux) are built on top of our field-proven PBSv.12.00.09, and also includes many corrections and enhancements.

The best way to see and show the power of PBS SQL is to see it demonstrated!

System Enhancements Added 18 new graphical screens.

Batch totals (Enter) were added to the GUI Options menu for Batch controls. This by-passes the selection of package and process IDs when it calls Batch totals (Enter). It also reloads the list box when returning from Batch totals (Enter).

Access to the graphical lookups from the character screens has been added. This means the "More info" button is now available to view the full data for any record from the file/table.

The Vision COBOL files install for Windows is also available for V.12.01.

Accounts Payable

You can nowadd the vendor name to the Cash disbursements projection report.

44 new GUI screens have been added to Accounts Payable which, except for a few minor screens, completes the GUI development of Accounts Payable. Many static menu selections were added to graphical screens.
Accounts Receivable

If the customer is on credit hold, the first tab **Credit hold** displays in red letters to the right of the customer name field.

1. On entering invoices you can allow the line item number to be either incremented by 10 as it currently operates, or by 1. If you change the first line number to 1, then increment the line number at 1 for that invoice. If you change again, simply continue to add 1 to the new number you enter.
2. In the service description field, you are now allowed to just keep on typing. If you exceed the 50 character space allotted, open the extended description box automatically and just keep on typing. If you decide to delete characters to get it to fit on one line, then compress into the one-line field with no extended description. If you click on the description field and if there is extended description, then automatically open the extended description box. The dialog box that asks if you want to enter extended description has been removed as it should no longer be needed.
3. In the extended description box, you can format as you like with carriage returns or spacing as it currently works. When you hit TAB, close the box, displaying whatever is within the one-line field showing. If there is overflow into extended description, you can put the "more" indicator at the end of that line to indicate that there is extended description as it currently works. But, make the "more" indicator clickable so that you can display the extended description in inquiry mode without going into edit mode, or in edit mode without going to the description field. Click once to show extended description and again to hide it.
4. You can now default the next new line item to the same type (Goods or Services) that was used for the last line item.

Customer Orders

Instant printing is streamlined with fewer button clicks or keystrokes and now includes instant invoice printing of an order.

Positive Pay

Provides an option in the output of dates to not strip any leading zeros.
Two new GUI screens have been added.

General Ledger

40 new GUI screens have been added.

View accounts - Trial balance
1. A new flag on the parameter screens to "Compress DR & CR trans separately?" has been added.
2. Now provides an option to do all regular compression (whatever is selected) and a new option to not compress any record with a journal # starting with GJ or ML.
Financial Statements
Added a variance column to the P and L statement.

Source cross reference
Now allows reporting on closed fiscal years.

PBS Manufacturing

Red sorting arrows have been added to the manufacturing module's graphical screens and lookups.  In addition, all PBS Manufacturing tables are being added to the Field Definition Guide, to provide a comprehensive reference to access the SQL data store.


Printing of 941 Forms
In order to print the 941 form, the program creates an adobe .xfdfile that is used to merge the data to the F941.pdf form file. From there, the PDF data can be modified, added to and the 941 form may be printed.

Added 17 new graphical screens.

Positive Pay
Provides an option in the output of dates to not strip leading zeros.

Point of Sale

Updated the X Charge interface to allow for partial payment approvals.

Contact CCS Retail Sales 

Business Systems

PBS SQL Released! 

PBS SQL 12.01.00 is built on top of our field-proven 12.00 PBS Standard Edition and also includes many corrections and enhancements.  It adds MS SQL support and all the benefits of SQL for interfacing with other SQL Packages such as CounterPoint POS SQL and reporting with SQL tools.

EZ Convert functionality remains the same, to assist in upgrading from prior versions of the old Classic software.

AP and GL modules are now fully converted to the new graphical interface.

An Updated Field Definition Guide shows the column names for all of the tables and we have improved the column names to make them easily recognizable.

In addition, all PBS Manufacturing tables are being added to the Field Definition Guide, to provide a comprehensive reference to access the SQL
data store.

This is the General release of PBS SQL v 12.01.01 - it is ready for Customer Installation!

Contact CCS Retail Sales 

Tax Deductions

IRS Equipment Tax Deductions for 2011. 

Section 179 for 2011 at a glance: 

  • 2011 Deduction Limit - $500,000 (up from $250k previously). Good on new and used equipment, including new software.

  • 2011 Limit on equipment purchases - $2 Million Dollars (up from $800k previously).

  • “Bonus” Depreciation - 100% (taken after the $500k deduction limit is reached). Note, bonus depreciation is only for new equipment. This can also be taken by businesses that exceed $2 million in capital equipment purchases.

The above is an overall, “simplified” view of the Section 179 Deduction for 2011. For more details on limits and qualifying equipment, as well as Section 179 Qualified Financing, please peruse the IRS website.

Take advantage of this program to help fund your growth and changes before the opportunity is lost!

Contact CCS Retail Sales

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New CPSQL 8.4.3 Enhancements Released!

CounterPoint SQL Version 8.4.3 Service Pack has been released with even more enhancements and updates. The new features are included in this latest service pack for these modules.

  • System

  • Point of Sale

  • Order Management

  • Inventory

  • Customers

  • Purchasing

  • Sales History

  • Other Functions and Features. 

Contact CCS Retail Sales

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GREAT Customer Connect Enhancements

Powerful new segmentation options
Segment by customer profile codes - You asked for it! Now you can create segments based on your custom customer profile codes. Learn more about how to target your customers using profile codes.

Segment by item category last purchase date - Remind electronics consumers to buy batteries or accessories. Remind sports fans to buy new shoes or fresh tennis balls. Follow up regarding a recent purchase. Click here to learn more about using this new feature for your set & forget campaigns. 

Enhancements to segmentation rules: Last Purchase Amount, Customer Store, Ticket Item Description, and Has Purchased From Item Subcategory.

Simplified loyalty programs and more with set & forget campaigns
Manage your loyalty programs - Powerful new CustomerConnect features allow you to keep in touch with your most valuable customers and encourage them to come back to the store. Creating CustomerConnect set & forget campaigns can help streamline your loyalty efforts.

Send to recipients only once - Select this option for recurring emails that should never be sent to the same customer twice.

Automated expiration dates for set & forget email offers - Add expiration dates that are automatically calculated when an email is sent. 

New templates for Ocassions and Holidays 
Select from: St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Photography, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Graduation, Weddings.

Celebrate with style with our latest CustomerConnect templates. Simply use Filter by themes.

Social Media "Share" and "Follow" options
Links Clicked and Social Media Tracking - Review total clicks and the recipient's who clicked on links in your email to help you evaluate and improve campaigns.

Dashboard Alert Status
Have you wondered if your CounterPoint store is exporting data to CustomerConnect? This alert lets you know if you've sent data to CustomerConnect within the last 48 hours.

Manage Default Email Settings
CustomerConnect provides you the ability to easily manage and change your Default Email Settings

V7 Linux integration now available
Take advantage of the power of CounterPoint integration with your CounterPoint V7 Linux system. 

For What else is New see: Radiant Enhancement Tracker.  For What's Coming Next see this link.

Contact CCS Retail Sales 

Radiant Systems

CPSQL 8.4 Announcement

Radiant has released a New Version of one of their Flagship Retail Software Products - CPSQL

Be sure to contact CCS Sales about upgrading.  These products will Keep the Checkouts moving, the Inventory Optimized, and the Back-office Managed.

Contact CCS Retail Sales

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Business Systems

Version 12 GUI Interface Update to 12.009  Announcement - Now Available!

Enhancements include:

  • Graphical Order Entry and Inventory Control

  • System-wide List Box Enhancements

  • Entry and View Screen list Boxes

  • Lookups have been expanded

  • and much more ...

Contact CCS Sales about upgrading. 

Contact CCS Retail Sales

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Radiant Systems

Radiant Launches New Real-time Alerts Mobile Monitoring!

CounterPoint SmarAlerts™ leverages mobile technology to provide retailers information about their stores as it happens.

Providing you with instant intelligence, CounterPoint SmartAlerts is a unique service that analyzes your CounterPoint data and transactions. Alerts can be configured for your business, and sent via SMS text or email when SmarAlerts discovers an action that falls outside the thresholds you establish.

Be sure to contact CCS Sales about this great support tool.

See our July 15, 2010 News Bulletin for more information.

Contact CCS Retail Sales

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Radiant Systems

CounterPoint CustomerConnect

Customer Connect - Available September 28, 2010.

Customer Connect, Radiant's email marketing tool fully integrated with CounterPoint SQL and V7, will be released on Tuesday, September 28 for SQL and late October for V7.

Be sure to contact CCS Sales about this great marketing tool.

See our BLOG articles and September 3, 2010 News Bulletin for more information.

Contact CCS Retail Sales

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Radiant Systems
Passport Systems

PCI-DSS Security Support

Passwords must now be at least six (6) characters long and include at least two of the following three elements - uppercase letter, lowercase letter or a numeral.

Employee Privacy - Social Security Number (SSN) and bank account numbers for employees are encrypted when stored in the PBS file system. These values are obscured on all reports and screen views. 

Also included are a number of enhancements and updates covering Payroll, EZ Convert™ and System Manager. 

Also see our BLOG article on this topic.

Contact CCS Retail Sales

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Radiant Systems

CPV7.5.18 Announcement

Radiant has released a New Version of one of their Flagship Retail Software Products - CPV7

Be sure to contact CCS Sales about upgrading.  These products will Keep the Checkouts moving, the Inventory Optimized, and the Back-office Managed.

Contact CCS Retail Sales

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Radiant Systems

All Radiant Terminals to have Encrypted MSR

Payment Guard MSR is an encrypted magnetic stripe reader that is installed within Radiant point-of-sale (POS) hardware terminals, which are deployed within both the restaurant and retail industries.

Payment Guard MSR enables data security protection on a physical level with encryption of sensitive consumer data built into Radiant's hardware products.

Radiant began shipping Payment Guard MSR-equipped hardware in 2009 with the P1560 and P1760 POS terminals and with the launch of the P1515. The P1520 will be shipping with the Payment Guard MSR as of July 1, 2010.

All hardware maintenance replacements will be handled on a 'like for like' basis.


Contact CCS Retail Sales 


New CPOnline Features

The following new features and enhancements are now available in CPOnline. For additional information about each feature, Contact your CCS Sales Consultant. 

  • Search Engine Friendly URLs

  • Three Dimensional Grids (V8.3.8)

  • Extra Page Sorting & Grouping

  • Meta Tags for Extra Pages

  • Abandoned Cart Email Filters 

Contact CCS Retail Sales 

AVG for Linux

AVG 8.5 Malware Protection for Linux will be released early April!
AVG 8.5 Server Edition for Linux/FreeBSD provides protection for both e-mail and file servers in a single distribution package, robust enough to support millions of e-mails a day.  A workstation edition is also available.

Contact CCS Retail Sales

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CCS Introduces Community Toolbar 

Add the CCS Toolbar to your browser. Get our freshest content delivered directly to your browser, add Internet Radio, get News Feeds, and more. Preview | Download Now

 Contact CCS Retail Sales


NEW  RPS - Radiant Payment Services.  

Radiant provides end-to-end transaction service with RPS, a turnkey solution for your business' electronic payment processing needs (credit, debit, gift card, and electronic check)

Contact CCS Retail Sales

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Microlite introduces Cloud Computing Backup with Amazon Web Services. 

This may be the answer for your offsite backup needs.  Microlite uses the highly regarded Amazon Web Services facilities.

  • BackupEDGE 02.03.00 Beta with Amazon S3 support

  • They are covering the Amazon charges during October 2008

Contact CCS Retail Sales

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RTM ServicePoint and Focus Service Managers GREAT NEW Features.  BONUS Webinars are now available.

Contact CCS Retail Sales

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Customer Connect Marketing

Customer Connect Video and Details The Only Email Marketing Tool Built for Retailers

Customer Connect (CC) is Loaded With The Features And Functionality Needed For RetailersFully integrated with CounterPoint V7 and CounterPoint SQL, Customer Connect gives you the data needed to effectively connect with your customers, drive sales and increase customer loyalty.

New CustomerConnect Features!

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NCR CounterPoint Leasing Special

NCR Leasing Special Details. Click for Details

CCS is pleased to announce Vend Lease Special Promotions for the US retail channel.   

Vend Lease is offering two aggressive lease plans: 1. 4.99 APR with 0% for 12 months same as cash plus 2. Baker's Dozen 13 payment plan.

Get the Products you need for Improvements and Growth NOWContact CCS Sales  ASAP for Details.

SmartAlerts Mobile Monitoring

SmartAlerts - Details    Providing you with Instant Intelligence.

CounterPoint SmartAlerts™ is a unique service that analyzes your CounterPoint data and transactions. Alerts can be configured for your business, and sent via SMS text or email when SmartAlerts discovers an action that falls outside the thresholds you establish.

Recovery Act Tax Deductions

"American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has officially extended the Section 179 Tax Deduction increases for the 2011 Tax Year"

Section 179 can be extremely profitable to you, so it is to your benefit to learn as much as possible. To begin, you probably have a lot of questions regarding Section 179. Follow the links below to get the details on this opportunity:  more ...

 Radiant CounterPoint POS

Radiant Introduces NEW CounterPoint POS Releases

This New 8.3.9 Release of CounterPoint was developed to give retailers New Features and Functions that increase profitability, and ensure a rapid return on investment.

Contact your CCS Sales Consultant to discuss all the new features and functions included.  Ask how they will Keep the Checkouts moving, the Inventory Optimized, and the Back-office Managed. Here are just a few of CounterPoint 8.3.9’s enhancements:  

♦ Registry/Wish List ♦ Message Center
♦ Margin Driven Pricing ♦ Miscellaneous Kits
♦ Tag-Along Kits ♦ Scrap Items
♦ Inactive Items ♦ Discount Overrides
♦ Item Zoom ♦ Forecasted Advices
♦ Enhanced Advices ♦ Work Center
♦ PCI DSS Passwords ♦ Enhanced CC Security

CPSQL 8.4.0 is on its way. Check out What's Coming with the link below!

CPSQL 8.4.0  | CP V7.5.19  | Product News | POS Stations

Why Choose CPSQL?

We have selected two dozen Recent New Retail CounterPoint SQL POS Customers to Profile for you. 

We suspect that you may have Needs Similar to theirs.  See Why these Retailers chose CPSQL and What they Found to be the Benefits.   more ...

Is Your System Healthy?

Great Deals!  New and Refurbished Systems.  Netbooks, Notebooks, Desktops, Servers, Storage Systems, Retail Devices.  Configure your own Systems for us to install.  more ...

Radiant Data Security

Radiant periodically issues Data Security Bulletins to help Customers keep their Systems Secure.  They are issued approximately Bi-weekly.  We encourage you to check here and look through them each month. 



04-13-2010 Bulletin_4-13-10
04-19-2010 Bulletin_4_19-10
05-03-2010 Bulletin_5-3-10
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06-24-2010 Bulletin_6-24-10 
10-06-2010  Bulletin_10-06-10 
01-12-2011 Bulletin_01-12-11

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