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CounterPoint Mobile  
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NCR Mobile is completely integrated with your CounterPoint SQL system.  You can easily perform POS and Inventory Functions, and easily access comprehensive Sales and Inventory reports that incorporate both mobile and counter sales. 

 NCR Mobile Product Overview  NCR Mobile Brochure

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Mobile's place in the retail industry is a growing trend and topic of discussion; it's one that won't be ending anytime soon. Seventy-eight percent of retailers plan to invest in mobile this year (The E-tailing Group, Inc.) with the planned spend close to $221 million (Forrester Research). As consumer use of smartphones continues to increase, it's important that retailers adapt in order to best serve customers and grow engagement and loyalty.

Case Studies

University Store  Hobby Store

CNCR Mobile: Sell Anywhere Securely and Power the Customer Connection 

NCR Retail Systems, Inc. has launched NCR Mobile, its new mobile POS technology, to the specialty retail market.  NCR Mobile tightly integrates with a Counterpoint SQL retail POS system, making it easy for you to run your business from anywhere and deliver a more personal customer experience. Full integration means that your mobile business becomes a seamless addition to your current solution, including reporting, inventory analysis and back office functions that occur daily. Simply run NCR Mobile from an Apple iPod Touch or iPhone.   The NCR Mobile check out process prompts you to collect an e-mail address and other customer details.  It automatically links those details to purchase history. This powerful integration allows for very targeted e-mail marketing, promotional and loyalty initiatives, further enhancing the customer connection.

Imagine being able to sell your products wherever your customers are gathered. In the store, out on the streets, at a tradeshow, anywhere! Or, maybe you want to simply have the flexibility to check item price or inventory status anywhere. This is freedom in the palm of your hand. Freedom powered by NCR Mobile.

Run your business in new and efficient ways with a technology that adds value, not disruption. Connect with customers by taking the transaction to them at their convenience. Completely integrated to CounterPoint for real-time inventory updates and secure payment processing, you can now sell anywhere.

NCR Mobile can take your retail business to the next level. With retail giants around the world adopting mobile solutions, isn’t it time you considered adding mobility to your business? 

NCR Mobile Enhances Personal Service 

"Consumers are attracted to small, local businesses because of the personal service they receive and to support local economy," said Chris Moreira, director of marketing for the specialty retail division at NCR Retail Systems. "With NCR Mobile, NCR is delivering similar mobile innovation seen in large retail stores like Apple or Nordstrom, in a package that's built and priced for the specialty retail market. NCR Mobile makes it easy for SMB retailers to bring mobile technology into their business that will enrich the customer service experience. It provides the same technology as big box retailers, married with the personal service only a local business can provide."

NCR Mobile: A Unique Mobile Technology

  • NCR Mobile is completely integrated with your CounterPoint SQL system.  You can easily access comprehensive sales and inventory reports that incorporate both mobile and counter sales.
  • Simply run CPMobile from an Apple iPod Touch or iPhone.
  • The NCR Mobile check out process prompts you to collect an e-mail address and other customer details.  It automatically links those details to purchase history. This powerful integration allows for very targeted e-mail marketing, promotional and loyalty initiatives, further enhancing the customer connection.
  • You can run your business anywhere with NCR Mobile.  It stays connected to CounterPoint to accept payments from any location.  Ideal for locations such as trade shows, sidewalk sales or in pop-up shops. You can sell wherever they are with NCR Mobile.
  • Consumers are more conscious of sustainable and environmentally-friendly businesses. With NCR Mobile, you can quickly and easily e-mail receipts to customers to reduce your paper usage.

NCR Mobile Features

  • Provide Exceptional Customer Service and a Personalized Sales Experience
  • Mobile Sales or Returns
  • Line-busting
  • Sell anywhere - Inside the store, sidewalk or tent sales, tradeshows, community events
  • CounterPoint integration for real-time sales and inventory updates
  • Inventory Management - Physical Counts now available
  • Free Item & Customer Lookup Feature
  • Flexible subscription pricing to meet seasonal needs
  • Share mobile devices across multiple stores
  • No additional user licenses required
  • Multiple receipt options including Email and Print
  • Secure, Fast Payment Processing
  • Integrated barcode scanner and credit card swipe hardware
  • Runs on iPod 4th generation, iPhone 4 or 4S, and iPad

NCR Mobile Enhancements By Release


iPod Touch support.


New functionality is continuing to be introduced in NCR Mobile. This week, NCR Mobile 1.3 has been released to the Apple App Store, and is now available for download. This latest version introduces inventory management capabilities to NCR Mobile, offering the ability to perform Physical Counts with the mobile device. There will NOT be an incremental cost for Inventory Management as it will be included as part of the base subscription fee with Mobile POS.

Additional features added to NCR Mobile 1.3 include the ability to view additional customer details including recent purchases and loyalty status, view additional item description details, loyalty card scanning to identify a customer, and the ability to configure the barcode scanner to drop the leading and/or trailing UPC check digit if necessary. Check out the NCR Mobile online help to learn more about the new features.

iPad support.


New POS payment types and discounts introduced

NCR Mobile 1.4 has been released to the Apple App Store, and is now available for download. This latest version introduces the following new features for Mobile POS: 

  • Cash as a payment type option
  • Check as a payment type option (including payment prompt support)
  • Item-level discount support
  • Ticket-level discount support
  • Prompt-for-price option
  • Random weight and price barcode (NSC2) support
  • 4-decimal quantity and price entry support.

Additional detail has also been included in the online help describing options for additional barcode scanning configuration for the scanner/MSR sled. 


The latest version of NCR Counterpoint Mobile is now available in the Apple App Store!

NCR Counterpoint Mobile 1.5 includes several new features, including additional payment types and support for the Socket Mobile Bluetooth cordless barcode scanner, as well as corrections and performance enhancements.  Due to changes Apple has made in their App Store approval process, we are no longer able to access the unique device ID (UDID) used to register devices. Therefore, all NCR Mobile devices must go through a re-registration process.

Complete steps for upgrading your devices to NCR Mobile 1.5 can be found here.


What's New?
  • Inventory Adjustments: Enter inventory adjustments directly into NCR Counterpoint
  • Inventory Receiving without a PO: Enter receivers without a PO directly into NCR Counterpoint
  • Inventory Receiving with a PO: Coming soon!
  • Display warning when accepting credit cards in “simulate” mode
  • Ability to unlock the device when there is no network connectivity
  • Support for recent changes to DPP-250 & DPP-350 Bluetooth receipt printers
  • Numerous iOS 7 tweaks and optimizations

CounterPoint Compatibility & Device Requirements

In order to take advantage of the new features introduced in NCR Mobile 1.4, CounterPoint 8.4.5 will also be required.  NCR Mobile 1.4 will work with previous versions of CP SQL 8.4.4.x (plus the mobile services utility), but will not have the latest features active unless the POS has been upgraded to 8.4.5. 

Additionally, NCR Mobile 1.4 also requires that the iPod, iPhone, and iPad mobile devices be updated to iOS 5.0 or later. The iOS release for the mobile device can be checked by connecting it to iTunes.  If an update is required, it can then be performed through iTunes.   

NCR Mobile Pricing - New Subscription Options Now Available

In response to feedback, we are introducing new subscription options for NCR Mobile, allowing for shorter-term commitments when needed.  Retailers can now activate NCR Mobile under the following subscription plans:

  • Item & Customer Lookup - FREE
  • Annual Mobile POS & Inventory - $75/month/device*
  • Monthly Mobile POS & Inventory - $125/month/device**
  • Weekly Mobile POS & Inventory - $50/week/device**
  • Weekly Inventory only - $30/week/device**

 *cancellation fee applies if terminated prior to contracted expiration date.

**minimum one month or one week commitment depending on the timeframe selected

iPad Support - MSR Hardware Now Available

As a reminder, NCR Mobile for iPad was introduced in NCR Mobile 1.2. While a barcode scanner is not available for the iPad option, there is a credit card MSR device that can be attached to the data port on the iPad for credit card swipe payment.  

The MSR data-port plug-in can also be used in conjunction with the iPod or iPhone as well, if barcode scanning is not a requirement. The supported device is the ID Tech iMag Pro, which is available on eOrder for purchase.  

2B CP SQL Wireless 3rd Party Alternative  

CPWireless (CounterPoint Wireless) extends your CounterPoint system to handheld, wireless PDA devices running the Pocket PC operating system. With 2B Mobile for CPSQL and CPWireless for CPV7, you can use handheld devices for real-time viewing and updating of your CounterPoint records. Applications include mobile tickets (“line-buster”), receivings, transfers, price verification, price updates, physical count, and more. 

CPV7 Wireless Product Overview CPV7 Wireless Screen Shots 2B CP SQL Wireless Applications


  2B-Inventory for CounterPoint SQL

Mobile Inventory, Store, and Warehouse Management
2B-Inventory for CounterPoint SQL is designed for retailers and warehouses of all sizes who want the flexibility of using a rugged hand-held mobile device with barcode scanner to manage your store and your inventory from one easy to use mobile application.


     2B-Inventory More Information


     Feature Sheet

     Request a LIVE Demo


Inventory Item Lookup     Inventory Physical Count     Inventory Receiving     Inventory Tickets     Inventory Transfers

2B-Inventory for CounterPoint SQL Modules

Mobile Orders/Tickets

Improve customer satisfaction by creating tickets for line busting or while on the go.  Enter customer, items, and quantities. Use the one click transfer to quickly update your point of sale database or save the transaction and create a new one. The ticket or order can easily be recalled from the point of sale to complete the transaction. Print a fully customizable customer receipt immediately using an optional mobile printer!


Increase efficiency and accuracy of receiving your merchandise. Scan items (or manually enter item code) and enter quantities received (including serialized inventory). Receive against purchase orders; even update item description, price, and vendor. Transfer data to point of sale to adjust quantities of PO and non-PO items and update items with quantity, cost, price, and description. With the label printing option, you can print out shelf or item labels for immediate stocking as your items come in the door!

Item Manager

Quick and easy access to current item information. Lookup item information by scanning barcode or by using one of the various search options to view details such as current stock quantity, SKU, description, extended description, department, category, and price. Edit Mode allows you to update the item price, bin location, and description. Real-time lookup mode allows for lookups directly to the POS database. Print shelf and item labels on the spot!

Physical Inventory

Save time and improve the accuracy of a physical inventory count. Scan the barcode of inventory items with 2B-Inventory to record actual store quantities. Quickly transfer scanned information from 2B-Inventory to your point of sale computer to calculate differences in recorded and actual inventory. Compare against quantities in your item database to reveal shrinkage or other inventory discrepancies.


Simplify the task of issuing transfers to other locations. With 2B-Inventory, you have the ability to choose where you are transferring to and even add an optional reference and comments. Add items to the transfer by scanning a barcode, entering an item number or searching by description.

Mobile Printing

Print labels from Item Manager, Receiving and Physical Count.  Print customized customer receipts from Orders/Tickets.

Self-Serve Kiosk

Give your customers instant access to item information. 2B-Price Checker is a self-service kiosk solution that streamlines your operations and delights your customers. Direct real-time connection to your CounterPoint database.  Display your company logo or other info on the always visible header.  Scanned item will display the price (including applicable price rules), description and SKU.

Mobile Gift Registration

2B-Gifts is a perfect way to add value to your customers shopping experience. With direct integration with CounterPoint and easy to use interface, your customers can easily create their own custom gift registry!


  1. 2B-Inventory provides you with anytime, anywhere access to your inventory and customer details.
  2. Lookup item info from your current and other locations for your customers without going back to the register.
  3. Scan inventory at remote store locations and warehouses.
  4. Use the fully functional Pocket PC with Microsoft Windows Mobile to manage e-mail, calendar, contacts and web browsing
  5. Certified hardware

Easy to Use and Manage
  1. Auto-Save – All information scanned in to 2B-Inventory is automatically saved for fast input of data.
  2. Print labels and receipts
  3. Easy-to-use interface allows one click transfer within each module.
  4. Simply update item quantities and other information by connecting 2B-Inventory to the POS through a cradled or wireless connection.


Other Mobile Solutions for CounterPoint
2B-Sales (Mobile Point of Sale)
2B-Gifts (Mobile Gift Registry)
2B-Price Checker (Self Service Kiosk)
Mobile Receipt and Label Printing

BROCHURE:  All Mobile Add-ons


CounterPoint V7 Wireless Overview

Both manual entry and barcode scanning are supported. CPWireless is available for CounterPoint on Windows and Unix/Linux systems.

In a typical configuration, handhelds are connected to your network using 802.11 wireless technology. The handhelds use their browsers to access the CPWireless Web Server applications running on your CPWireless web server. The CPWireless web server runs on a Windows or Linux web server. A separate server from your CounterPoint database server is recommended.

Another software program, the CPWireless Application Server, runs on your CounterPoint database server (your Unix/Linux or Windows Pervasive server). The CPWireless Application Server provides a connection to your CounterPoint data files.

The CPWireless Web Server manages communications between your handhelds and your CPWireless Application Server.

The CounterPoint Options list includes the CPWireless Option that enables these capabilities on your CounterPoint system. The Wireless Option includes a Wireless Device License for one handheld device. Wireless Device Licenses are purchased separately for each additional active handheld.

CPWireless includes the following applications:

Mobile Tickets

Enter and create Hold tickets: Mobile Tickets provides “line-busting” functionality and allows your sales people to walk the floor with the customer to provide mobile customer sales and service – without being tied to the checkout register. The Mobile Tickets application lets you create Hold tickets that can be quickly looked up and retrieved at a CounterPoint workstation. Setup options allow Hold tickets to have either sold or ordered lines. Mobile Tickets is valuable for many types of businesses, including service-oriented retailers and/or retailers with large floor areas, such as lawn/garden centers or department stores.

Item Functions – View items, price changes, quick counts, and tags: A number of item functions are provided. Access rights to individual functions are granted using setup options. Basic item lookups and inquiries are available using manual or scanned entry, by item number, barcode, vendor item number, or a variety of keyword lookup methods. You may enter Price-1 changes for the Stocking and Alternate units. You can see quantity-on-hand information and enter a “quick count” to create a physical count transaction to correct inventory. You can also create tags for later printing in CounterPoint.


Record information to complete purchase orders (PO’s) CPWireless devices allow you to process receivings and update your CounterPoint Purchasing and Inventory records. The receivings feature allows you to receive purchase orders, add lines to purchase orders, update prices and costs, receive PO’s, and create tags for received items directly from your CPWireless handheld device.

New Features

The following additional applications are coming soon for CPWireless:

• Purchasing – collect information to initiate purchase requests
• Transfer out – collect information to initiate transfer-out documents
• Transfer in – record information to complete transfer-in documents

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This New 8.3.9 Release of CounterPoint was developed to give retailers New Features and Functions that increase profitability, and ensure a rapid return on investment.

Contact your CCS Sales Consultant to discuss all the new features and functions included.  Ask how they will Keep the Checkouts moving, the Inventory Optimized, and the Back-office Managed. Here are just a few of CounterPoint 8.3.9’s enhancements:  

♦ Registry/Wish List ♦ Message Center
♦ Margin Driven Pricing ♦ Miscellaneous Kits
♦ Tag-Along Kits ♦ Scrap Items
♦ Inactive Items ♦ Discount Overrides
♦ Item Zoom ♦ Forecasted Advices
♦ Enhanced Advices ♦ Work Center
♦ PCI DSS Passwords ♦ Enhanced CC Security

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