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CounterPoint Connect Marketing

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Email Marketing Tool Built for Retailers  

Customer Connect Is Loaded With The Features And Functionality Needed For RetailersFully integrated with CounterPoint V7 and CounterPoint SQL, Customer Connect gives you the data needed to effectively connect with your customers, drive sales and increase customer loyalty. 

Connect with customers using an integrated email marketing tool that allows you to segment your customers based upon purchase history, customer category, preferences, and other data in the customer record. 

Targeted Marketing 

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With CustomerConnect, you only need to handle one customer list! Each customer that is added to CounterPoint is automatically added to CustomerConnect. 


Not only will you be able to see who is opening and reading your emails, but CustomerConnect uniquely shows you the sales being driven by your campaigns.


You can easily create email campaigns that will launch using data from CounterPoint. CustomerConnect comes pre-loaded with "we miss you" and "welcome" campaigns that you can set and forget!


Only CustomerConnect includes easy-to-use templates specifically created for retailers. Add photos, logos and colors to customize emails to mirror your brand. If you are a professional designer, simply upload your own HTML code. 


Our exceptional email deliverability capabilities give you the peace of mind of knowing your email is reaching your customers. Our team works with the leading ISP’s to ensure an exceptional deliverability rate.

* Monthly pricing is consistent with other leading email marketing tools.



New Features

New Features - April 2012
  • New!!! - CustomerConnect hosts your images on a Content Delivery Network (CDN), speeding up the delivery of images in your email and providing an image URL that's easier to remember and read. For details on how to setup your folder on the CDN, click here.
  • With the addition of a CDN, new rules apply to image deletion. Click here for more information.
  • Campaign Results have been improved and now includes the total purchases made with a coupon or promotion code, found under the Redeems column. Previously, the number displayed on the screen included the total amount saved by the customer. 
  • New segments available for Date Profile Codes: Days Until & Months Until
    These segments allow you to do date math. Review the examples found in Segmenting Your Contacts Using CounterPoint Customer Profile Codes - located under #3 (CounterPoint V7 or CounterPoint SQL links).
  • Thumbnails have been added to templates you create, making template selection easier since you can see them without having to open each one. When saving a template we display a temporary image, see example below.  

GREAT Customer Connect Enhancements - 2011

Powerful new segmentation options
Segment by customer profile codes - You asked for it! Now you can create segments based on your custom customer profile codes. Learn more about how to target your customers using profile codes.

Segment by item category last purchase date - Remind electronics consumers to buy batteries or accessories. Remind sports fans to buy new shoes or fresh tennis balls. Follow up regarding a recent purchase. Click here to learn more about using this new feature for your set & forget campaigns.

Enhancements to segmentation rules: Last Purchase Amount, Customer Store, Ticket Item Description, and Has Purchased From Item Subcategory.

Simplified loyalty programs and more with set & forget campaigns
Manage your loyalty programs - Powerful new CustomerConnect features allow you to keep in touch with your most valuable customers and encourage them to come back to the store. Creating CustomerConnect set & forget campaigns can help streamline your loyalty efforts.

Send to recipients only once - Select this option for recurring emails that should never be sent to the same customer twice.

Automated expiration dates for set & forget email offers - Add expiration dates that are automatically calculated when an email is sent.

New templates for Ocassions and Holidays
Select from: St. Patrick's Day, Easter and Photography, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Graduation, Weddings.

Celebrate with style with our latest CustomerConnect templates. Simply use Filter by themes.

Social Media "Share" and "Follow" options
Links Clicked and Social Media Tracking - Review total clicks and the recipient's who clicked on links in your email to help you evaluate and improve campaigns.

Dashboard Alert Status
Have you wondered if your CounterPoint store is exporting data to CustomerConnect? This alert lets you know if you've sent data to CustomerConnect within the last 48 hours.

Manage Default Email Settings
CustomerConnect provides you the ability to easily manage and change your Default Email Settings

V7 Linux integration now available
Take advantage of the power of CounterPoint integration with your CounterPoint V7 Linux system.

** For What else is New see: NCR Enhancement Tracker. For What's Coming Next see this link.



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Customer Connect Marketing

Customer Connect Video and Details The Only Email Marketing Tool Built for Retailers

Customer Connect (CC) is Loaded With The Features And Functionality Needed For RetailersFully integrated with CounterPoint V7 and CounterPoint SQL, Customer Connect gives you the data needed to effectively connect with your customers, drive sales and increase customer loyalty.

New CustomerConnect Features!

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 Radiant CounterPoint POS

Radiant Introduces NEW CounterPoint POS Releases

This New 8.3.9 Release of CounterPoint was developed to give retailers New Features and Functions that increase profitability, and ensure a rapid return on investment.

Contact your CCS Sales Consultant to discuss all the new features and functions included.  Ask how they will Keep the Checkouts moving, the Inventory Optimized, and the Back-office Managed. Here are just a few of CounterPoint 8.3.9’s enhancements:  

♦ Registry/Wish List ♦ Message Center
♦ Margin Driven Pricing ♦ Miscellaneous Kits
♦ Tag-Along Kits ♦ Scrap Items
♦ Inactive Items ♦ Discount Overrides
♦ Item Zoom ♦ Forecasted Advices
♦ Enhanced Advices ♦ Work Center
♦ PCI DSS Passwords ♦ Enhanced CC Security

CPSQL 8.4.0 is on its way. Check out What's Coming with the link below!

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